Among all African nations, South Africa is one of the most prosperous, yet suffers from the most colorful historical events. Despite this, South Africa, along with its natural resources and gambling people, is ready to develop into a modern and successful society. But, oddly enough, the presence of a gambling population does not mean that the approach to gambling will be progressive. Interactive gaming is strictly prohibited in South Africa, and citizens convicted of visiting online casinos can face incredibly harsh penalties. So, visiting a virtual casino can result in a fine of up to $ 700,000 or 10 years in prison.

National Gambling Act Severe penalties are stipulated by the National Gambling Act of 2004. If you plunge into history, then until 1994 absolutely all forms of gambling were prohibited. However, after 1994, the country decided to create a gambling licensing system. Later, the issue of legalizing online casinos was considered by the country’s Parliament several times, but this did not lead to anything efficient. It even got to the point that individuals with a South African IP address could not access various online casino sites.

Of course, the attractiveness of the Republic of South Africa for gambling operators is largely due to the favorable geographical location of the region and the mild southern climate. The length of the coastline reaches almost 3,000 km, and along its entire length, there are hundreds of resort areas with gambling establishments of various classes.

If everything is more or less clear with land-based casinos, then online gambling in the country is very much curtailed. At the moment, you can bet on sports and horse racing on the Internet, that’s all. Gambling, poker, slots are prohibited and, accordingly, the activities of gambling companies on the network are considered illegal. However, this stops only the most fearful. Many foreign and local online gambling operators continue to work with players from the Republic of South Africa. Below we have compiled the TOP 5 of the most popular online casinos South Africa.

Thunderbolt Casino is the first online casino that we have placed at the top of the ranking. This establishment works with visitors from southern Africa, offering a large pool of gaming entertainment: card games, roulette, slots, sports betting, and horse racing.

Springbok Casino – many online gambling experts put this casino in the first place since it has been operating in the gambling market of South Africa for several years and offers a large and, most importantly, high-quality assortment of games. Also it gives South African online casinos no deposit bonus that attract people. 

Apollo Slots is a fairly standard online casino even by the standards of the African region. Players are offered the following gambling entertainment: poker, blackjack, borax, baccarat, various types of roulette, slots, and bets on sports events.

The winner is the main advantage of this online casino is a huge welcome bonus. The range of games is no different. Also they have fortune lounge live chat.

Europa Casino is a new online casino in the South African gambling market that is taking South African ranks. Offers all standard bonuses and games.

Why is South Africa not banned from online casinos?

With the development of Internet technologies, it has become meaningless to prohibit online games, because even a schoolchild can bypass the blocking of controlling state organizations. Governments of many countries have long understood that it is better to monetize this industry in partnership with the largest gaming operators than to wage endless war, wasting time and money. And the money is quite considerable.

The same situation is observed in South Africa: residents bypass protection without problems, operators calmly accept players, incomes flow past the state treasury. In defense of the government of this country, it is worth saying that discussions on amendments to the law on online games are being conducted with enviable constancy. There are also positive results: for example, officials agreed to issue 10 licenses for online casinos. But this, as they say, is a trial ball, and there is still a long way to go before the final legalization of online gambling.